Maine Auto Body

Services Performed by a Maine Auto Body Shop 
While many auto body shops offer different services depending on the type of experience and training that their employees have, most offer the same basic services. Typically these services only cover the outer body of the vehicle and not the engine. While some shops will also offer light and speaker installations, this is once again, not always true as some auto body shops don't offer these services.  

Painting: Painting is one of the core services of any auto body shop in Maine. Expect to find full detailed painting as well as patch painting to repair a paintjob. Many offer highly professional painting services that can be difficult to tell from a car with a new paint job. Usually an auto body shop will offer different types of paint such as matte, high gloss, or metallic, and some offer different finishes as well. Specialty auto-body shops might also offer detailed painting with images or graphics painted on as well. 
Maine Auto Body 

Acme Body Shop Inc (207) 767-2148
Al's Certified Auto Repair (207) 622-4747
Armand's Auto Body Shop (207) 782-7113
Atlantic Auto Body (207) 878-8277
Bacon Auto & Truck Care (207) 496-3394
Bernatche Auto Body (207) 941-5686
Berube's Auto Body 207) 783-3390
Bill Dodge Collision Center (207) 854-3200
Bob's Auto Body (207) 985-3226
Bryan's Auto Body (207) 652-2328
Bryan's Body & Fender (207) 354-2792
Cabana's Auto Body Shop (207) 324-5038
Caron's Collision Repair Center (207) 622-4191
Carters Auto Service, Inc. (207) 839-8393
Champion Auto Body (207) 985-7445
Charlie's Collision Center (888) 481-0196
Coleman's Collision Center (207) 784-6121
Colonial Auto Body & Towing (207) 627-4046
Conrad's Auto Body (207) 872-8135
Cookson's Collision Center (207) 368-5468
Countryside Auto Body & Repair (207) 782-7769
Cowett's Auto Sales and Body Shop (207) 764-6082
Daniel's Auto Body (207) 582-8694
Dave's Auto Repair & Towing Inc. (207) 469-1105
David Mathieu Co. Inc. (207) 872-5518
Denny's Auto Body & Sales (207) 490-1655
Dick's Auto Body (207) 225-5012
Downeast Auto Body (866) 620-8007
Ellsworth Collision & Service Center (207) 667-5501
Fern's Body Shop (207) 353-2329
Forrest Auto Body (207) 223-5021
Freedom Auto Body (207) 848-2434
G J Auto Body (207) 498-2097
Gils Body Shop (207) 442-8818
Glidden Auto Body (207) 947-5678
Greg's Auto Body (207) 657-3435
Harbour Auto Body (207) 878-2121
Hewitt's Auto Body - POC Collision (207) 846-3113
Hilltop Auto Body Shop (207) 255-3020
Hilltop Collision Center (207) 897-2300
Huntley Auto Body (207) 255-6214
Image Auto Body (207) 474-0593
Impact Auto Body (207) 760-9399
J & B Autobody (207) 338-1383
J C Autobody (207) 947-4271
Knox Autobody, Inc. (207) 636-2400
Kontio's Automotive Repair (207) 848-3756
Lane's Collision Center (207) 278-2435
Langlois Auto Body & Auto Sales (207) 784-0550
Lee Collision Repair Center (207) 786-0637
Lemay's Auto Body (207) 353-2222
Lockard's Collision Center (207) 797-7171
M & M Auto Repair (207) 877-7722
Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting (207) 808-1110
Maine Auto Service (207) 221-8999
Maine Collision Center (207) 941-1920
Maurice & Sons Auto Body Shop (207) 453-6533
Mid-Knight Auto Body (207) 596-6915
Moody's Collision Center (207) 839-2500
Morin's Auto Center (207) 753-0433
New England Imports LLC (207) 772-0199
P M Painting Auto Body (207) 667-0702
Phil's Autobody (207) 594-3651
Portland Street Auto & Body (207) 647-8134
Precision Auto Body (207) 422-2312
Pro Body Works (207) 882-5279
Prouty Auto Body (207) 564-8353
R.P. Bell Collision - POC Collision (207) 282-6860
Roland's Auto Body & Reconditioning (207) 729-0844
Rollins & Sons Auto Body Inc. (207) 236-2881
Rons Auto Body (207) 384-0141
Rowe's Auto Body (207) 652-2635
Sallinen's Body & Fender, Inc. (207) 594-4025
Savage Paint & Body (207) 528-2331
Seacoast Auto Body (207) 729-6512
Steve's Auto Body Repair (207) 439-3561
Steve's Autobody & Repair (207) 596-0423
Tyler Auto Body (207) 878-9978
Western Maine Auto Body (207) 935-3831
Wheel House Autobody (207) 257-2419
Willie's Auto Body Inc (207) 225-3850
Wyman's Auto Body (207) 839-6401
York Corner Auto Body Inc (207) 363-7269
Body Repair: Most Main auto body shops use body repair as their main service. Typically this will include repairing dents, fixing holes, and replacing broken body parts to improve the cosmetic appearance of the vehicle. Exact services do vary but replacing broken parts is usually available. Many will also offer different types of filler for fiberglass or metal. Some auto body shops specialize in restoration, meaning that they make a used or antique car look as new as possible.
Detailing: While not always present, many auto body shops include a thorough cleaning as one of their services. A full detailing usually includes in depth cleaning, polish, and wax, which keeps your car looking like new for longer. 

Trim: The main purpose of an auto body shop is to make a vehicle look good, so most also offer trim installation. Most shops will be able to order and then install the trim in a number of types or shades. However, this service is not available at every auto body shop.  
While many of these services are offered by most auto body shops, they might not be offered by every shop. Some shops offer extras like refitting parts to cooler ones (such as upgrading the trim, mirrors, and hubcaps), while others will stick with basic body repair. Some auto body shops do not work with the interior of the vehicle while others do. This means that some shops might actually offer total car renovation or repair (except for the engine). Light installation, speaker installation, and specialty item installation such as Turbo may also be available depending on the shop. 
Some auto body mechanics specialize in certain types of cars. For example, one repairman might specialize in classic cars, meaning that he is used to working with metal frames and is most likely adept at welding out rust spots and repairing metal. Others work with specific makes, such as a Mercedes auto body repair shop, mechanics sometimes specialize in order to be able to lower prices by only having to order from one company.